Mazi-FS Interest Survey

First off, Thank You...

For those of you that participated in the Mazi-FS ERP breakout at the PRIDE Conference in Orlando, thank you for your overwhelming enthusiasm and support.  We hope you had a great conference and NAFEM show and a safe journey back home.  

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Here's what we're thinking...

about next steps

After our presentation at the conference, we went through Mazi-FS in detail with several members and received some great ideas and feedback on how to make the platform even better. To that end, we will be spending the next 6-8 weeks implementing those ideas.

To show our support for PRIDE and offer some exclusivity to its members, we were thinking of unveiling these improvements at a one-day in-depth Mazi-FS orientation at the PRIDE Centric Resources location in Centennial, CO in mid-to-late April, The orientation would showcase the end-to-end functionality of Mazi-FS and demonstrate how it fully integrates all of the various aspects of your business (sales, marketing, project management, inventory, purchasing, accounting, eCommerce, service, HR and payroll).

With that said, we realized that some members might have already made up their minds and/or aren't interested in attending an offsite presentation.  To help us understand the right course of action for you and your company, we've prepared the following survey..

Did you attend the Mazi-FS (ERP) breakout at conference? *

Do you feel like you saw enough at conference to make a purchasing decision? *

Would you be willing to attend a one-day Mazi-FS orientation? *