Mazi-FS Orientation & Training

04/28/17 10:00 to 04/28/17 16:00 (US/Mountain)

Denver, United States

Scenario 1

  • 04/28/17 10:15
  • PRIDE Centric Resources Office

*Marketing & eCommerce* In this end-to-end scenario, we demonstrate how to create an email marketing campaign, which drives traffic to your website, where both existing customers and new customers can purchase from you. We also explain price-lists and show you how customers can log into your website and buy items using pricing that you've negotiated with them. Breaking down the demonstration ** How-To Training * *Generate demand with email marketing* Creating/managing customers/contacts ...

Additional modules

  • 04/28/17 14:00
  • PRIDE Centric Resources Office

But wait.. there's more* In addition to expanding on the modules covered in earlier segments, we detail additional modules available in Mazi-FS! Breaking down the modules ** More than meets the eye * *CRM* *Accounting* Chart of accounts Analytic accounting Rebates Commissions *HR* Attendance/leave Payroll Employee evaluations Recruit/Hire *Rental* *Service* *Productivity* Notes Products Google drive *Marketing* Blogs Forums Surveys Events Loyalty programs Subscriptions ...

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A deep dive into the Mazi-FS platform

This orientation/training is more than just an infomercial or sales pitch... it's a 6 hour deep dive into the Mazi-FS platform, where all of the major aspects of the program are covered and all questions are answered.

At the end of the orientation, you'll know if Mazi-FS is right for you, and you'll have the opportunity to reserve your place in line for Mazi-FS at your business!