Scenario 1

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Scenario 1

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Marketing & eCommerce

In this end-to-end scenario, we demonstrate how to create an email marketing campaign, which drives traffic to your website, where both existing customers and new customers can purchase from you.

We also explain price-lists and show you how customers can log into your website and buy items using pricing that you've negotiated with them.  

Breaking down the demonstration

How-To Training

  • Generate demand with email marketing

  • Creating/managing customers/contacts

  • Creating and sending an email marketing campaign

  • Drive them to your website and sell from your website

  • Website templates

  • Products and eCommerce

  • Existing customers come to your website, login, and order at their prices

  • Enable the customer portal

  • Managing customer price lists

  • Eliminate double entry with automated back-end order and invoice management

  • Automatic order creation and fulfillment

  • Deliver the products and create happy customers

  • Shipping from stock vs. drop-shipping from the manufacturer

  • Using the DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS connectors

About The Speakers

David Greene

Kevin Mattson

Practical Info

04/28/17 10:15
1 hour
PRIDE Centric Resources Office