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What We Offer

Mazi-FS is a complete, end-to-end software solution built specifically for the food-service equipment and supply industry. Mazi-FS integrates ERP, CRM, sales, accounting, POS, eCommerce, marketing, project management, service, manufacturing, BOM, and almost every other aspect of your business needs into a single cloud-based solution that you can access from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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How It Works

With Mazi-FS, all aspects of your business communicate with each other seamlessly and automatically within our cloud-based platform. This frees you to focus on growing your business instead of wasting time and money trying to get all the different software you're currently using to communicate with each other and share information.  And, because Mazi-FS is in the cloud, you're saving money on servers and IT overhead as well.

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Why We Should Work Together

With over 40 years of combined experience in the food-service equipment and supply industry, we know and understand its' unique challenges.  And, because one of our founding partners was a principal with AutoQuotes, our AutoQuotes integration is more complete and easier to use than any other "integration" out there! Mazi-FS is the future of business software for the food-service equipment and supply industry.

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